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13 Facts : Why it’s better to chill than fire

Category: Matrimonial Law

Published On: November 4, 2016


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  1. Narendra and Meena got married on 1992.
  2. They had a daughter out of the wedlock on 1993.
  3. It was 1995. One day they quarreled, Meena went to the bathroom, locked the door from inside, poured kerosene on herself and lighted a match stick for attempting to commit suicide. She was saved by Husband and Neighbor who broke into the bathroom.
  4. After 10 days wife leaves home and never came back since.
  5. Husband filed Divorce in 1995. Neighbor became independent witness.
  6. Family Court of Bangalore Passed Divorce Degree on 2001 (6 years gone)….. Marriage is off.
  7. Wife appealed against it in High Court 2002.
  8. High Court set aside Family Court order in 2006… (11 years gone)….. Marriage is on.
  9. Aggrieved husband filed appeal in Supreme Court.
  10. Attempt to suicide …”only this one event was sufficient for husband to get a divorce on the ground of cruelty” says SC.
  11. SC also says…a son maintaining his parents is absolutely normal in Indian culture and ethos. Wife must have a justifiable reason to insist husband for staying separately. The same was not there.
  12. The daughter is now a grown up and she is working in an IT company.
  13. 6th October 2016 Honorable Supreme Court says…. (20 years gone)…… Marriage is off.

These are facts. There are debates going on. But its two decades lost to get the decision.

One Match Stick…. and it took 20 years to cease fire.

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