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Consumer Disputes

It is Important for ordinary consumers to secure less expensive and speedy redressal of their consumer grievances. Consumer forum is a way for the same. Medical Negligence by doctors/nursing home makes us helpless. Protections against eviction by Landlord, Motor accident cases are also an issue. Lok Adalat, Insurance Regulator and Ombudsman tries the address various cases in their own way.


Some Common Consumer Disputes

  1. How to Lodge a complaint in a Consumer forum?

    The main function of consumer court is to provide some extra privilege to the consumers and to maintain fair practice by the seller or the service provider towards the consumer. Lack of knowledge often stops us from lodging a proper complaint with proper documentation.

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  2. What can we do in case of Medical Negligence by doctors/nursing home?

    Though Indian Society is experiencing a growing awareness regarding patient’s rights, we still feel helpless in case of Medical Negligence by doctors/nursing home. But legal steps with Civil & Criminal Measure can be taken if we have the proper knowledge.

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  3. What are the obligation of Landlord/Tenant?

    Both Landlord or Tenant have few obligation towards each other. These protect them from each other in case one behaves irrationally.The informed complained in a proper way stops other party from causing damage.

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  4. What are the Protections against eviction against landlords?

    Illegal Eviction creates immense hardship to the Tenants. Law restricts landlords from doings so. There are specific grounds for which only the eviction can be acceptable. Informed Tenants can suitably pursue their case.

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  5. What are the legal remedies if tenant is not vacating the house?

    Similarly Illegal possession by Tenants has legal remedies. These are state laws proactive timely action can save a lot of litigation cost.

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  6. What should be done after a car accident?

    Automobile accidents are all too common. If you drive a car, you should know what to do if you are involved in an accident. It helps to get post-accident insurance claims. Simple in-time measures helps a lot.

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  7. What is LokAdalat and its utility?

    LokAdalat is a system of alternative dispute resolution developed in India. It roughly means “People’s court”. Here mock courts (called LokAdalats) are held by the State Authority, District Authority, etc. LokAdalat is a non-adversarial system. These are usually presided over by retired judges, social activists, or other members of the legal profession. The LokAdalats can deal with all Civil Cases, Matrimonial Disputes, Land Disputes, Partition/Property Disputes, Labour Disputes etc., and compoundable criminal Cases. Most of the cases are motor accident related disputes settled through lokadalats, Many public sector entities like Public sector Banks, Electricity Dept also took benefit of lokadalats to settle its recovery related matters.

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  8. How to get Insurance Claim settlement?

    Instead of regulator’s best efforts often the settlement of Insurance claim become painful instead of the policy holders best efforts and regular payments of premium within due dates. However proper documentation and proceed through suitably authority within due time helps to settle the claim.

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  9. How to resolve passport related problems?

    The steps and the Documentation are crucial in case of Passport issuance. Improper information and process no only delays but also costs.

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