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Criminal Disputes

FIR refusal, Complaint to the magistrate, Bail in case of a Non-bailable case, granting Anticipatory Bail, Delay in filling the charge sheet remains important daily issues in this segment of Law. Awareness of Rights of the Accused, Public Nuisance, Defamation/Criminal Intimidation/ Insult/ Annoyance, Criminal Breach of Trust/ Cheating also remains in constant deliberation.


Some Common Criminal Disputes

  1. What if Police station refuses to file FIR in cognizable case?

    Police Station rejecting to lodge an FIR is very common news. Every should have the basic legal knowledge so that they can understand when Police cannot refuse and what can be done in such case.

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  2. Can someone submit Complaint to the magistrate?

    There is certain type of cases when citizen can submit a Complaint directly to the competent Magistrate. The knowledge of the Process and Application empowers common citizen.

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  3. Can we get Bail in case of a Non-bailable case?

    Bail may be applied in certain Non-Bailable cases under certain conditions. Often this helps us to avoid certain misconception and unnecessary tension.

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  4. What are the factor under consideration while granting Anticipatory Bail?

    This instrument of Anticipatory Bail gives us power to protect ourselves against unnecessary harassment. This can be misutilised also. Hence the knowledge pays.

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  5. What if the charge sheet is delayed?

    Often this is beyond the area of influence of common man. Still the knowledge of the Law of the landempowers us.

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  6. Cognizable/Bailable/Compoundable case- what everyone should know?

    Certain type of cases has certain ways to be dealt with. CRPC Drives the Process of Criminal Procedure. This often is beyond the understanding of a simple citizen. But as a citizen of a Free nation we must know what is allowed to all of us as per the Law.

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  7. What is Public Nuisance and what can be its legal remedy?

    Every citizen must follow certain decorum to be followed in Public Life. Though it is not required to have knowledge of sections of IPC to lodge a police complaint, still the information often helps us with required confidence.

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  8. What are the Rights of the Accused under constitution?

    Every accused person has certain Rights guided by CRPC and Constitution of India. Knowing then helps us in times when we face harassment. Presumption of innocence is accepted in India. Everyone is presumed innocent till the guilty is proved.

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  9. Defamation/Criminal Intimidation/ Insult/ Annoyance- Legal Remedy?

    These are certain incidents which humiliates basic dignity of civil life. We all are protected by Law of the land against them. At least knowing the Protection provided by Law makes us empowered.

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  10. Criminal Breach of Trust/ Cheating and other offense against Property.

    These are some offense done against the Property. The same are safeguarded by the Law. Proper Measure by means of Legal measures keeps us in better legal footing in the time of test.

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